DeKalb United: Making DeKalb Better

Welcome to the first edition of DeKalb United’s Newsletter! We are comprised of individual organizations of: Concerned Citizens in Opposition to Greenhaven, Neighbors Against Greenhaven, Pride Rings in Stone Mountain, and the Georgia Federation of Teachers. Each group has worked independently since 2017 to defeat the creation of a new municipality in unincorporated southern and central DeKalb County. We are now joining forces to combine our communications and expand community outreach. Our efforts have been successful in preventing the passage of any legislation creating a new city, and we will continue to do so.

The opposition is growing!

Our Goals

  • Increase your awareness of the negative financial impacts to you if a new city is formed
  • Provide you with verifiable and accurate information regarding the cityhood effort: Facts vs. “pie in the sky”.
  • Provide comparisons between DeKalb County services vs. the proposed city’s limited services
  • Invite you to join us in continuing our community awareness campaign

Each newsletter will focus on a specific topic that provides facts and identifies risks with the cityhood movement. Once you receive the facts, we are confident that you will conclude this proposed city is not in your best interest. In its most recent announcement, the DeKalb Cityhood Movement (supporters driving the new city effort) made the following statement:

DeKalb Cityhood Movement Statement: “A new city is coming.”

Fact: As of this publication, there is NO legislation nor a bill sponsor pending before the Georgia General Assembly to create a new city of DeKalb. We rate this as statement wishful thinking and an intent to deceive the public.

What You Should Know

Requirements for the Georgia General Assembly to create a new city: (1) a bill sponsor, (2) a Charter (the proposed law governing a new city), and (3) a Feasibility Study (more on the study in future editions).

  • Charters are considered the law governing a new city’s operations and responsibilities
  • Charters must pass in both General Assembly chambers (House and Senate) in the legislative cycle in which cityhood is considered
  • If passed by both chambers, the bill is sent to Governor for signature into law
  • Governor has discretion to sign into law or veto the bill

For your consideration:

  • Did cityhood supporters provide you with a copy of the proposed charter? If not, you will have no idea what to expect should the city become law. It is important to know this information for it spells out how a new city governs and operates.
  • Proponents only make the proposed city legislation available to the General Assembly, but not the public. Why?
  • Why have the DeKalb proposed cityhood bills failed five times in the past seven years to get General Assembly approval? The Charter is flawed and its passage will cost you additional taxes and fees.

DeKalb United

Concerned Citizens in Opposition to Greenhaven, Neighbors Against Greenhaven, Pride Rings in Stone Mountain, and the Georgia Federation of Teachers.

Contact us at

2 responses to “DeKalb United: Making DeKalb Better”

  1. Great to see a concerted effort among some of our most active and vocal groups to “Be About It,” rather than just talking about it.

    YES! To DeKalb United: Making DeKalb Better!

    Sign me up!!


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